title. harperlove

description. b2b communications & tradeshow

my role. art director, copywriter, production manager

agency. spark strategic ideas

team. robin foster (dir strategy & brand dev), anne marie holder (ceo)


HarperLove is in the cardboard business. They are the industry leader in the development of specialty adhesives and performance additives for corrugated packaging manufacturers. Basically, They manufacture the additives that go into the glue that binds the materials in a sheet of cardboard.


The corrugated industry is anything but sexy or inviting. Print advertising for the company had previously focused solely on products and not attributes of the brand. Historically, marketing had not been a priority but new leadership determined it was time to refresh and reintroduce the brand and its communication approach and materials.


Shift the paradigm and create an approachable and fun space for the company, its employees, and potential new clients. HarperLove prides itself on its customer service experience. 

Print advertising for the company had previously focused solely on products and not attributes of the brand.

here is a snapshot of the previous print creative.

after distilling down the past content we created new ads featuring HarperLove’s distinct benefits.

To build a better narrative and create more touchpoints within the publications, 1/3 and 1/2 page ads were designed (each communicating one of the benefits) and placed on consecutive pages. 

top-of-the-line products

New Products/Innovation: Ability to develop customer-specific product formulas; broadest product line; the industry leader in Research & Development. 16 liquid performance additives and resins products; dry mix and ancillary products.

front-line service

Service & Intelligence/Expertise: Largest technical service force in industry; sales tech pros average 26 years in field; 2/3 of employees spend 80 – 100% of time in customer manufacturing sites.

bottom-line savings.

Cost savings: Cost savings in greater speed and productivity, reduced waste, lower raw material cost.

key messages.

new creative.

The ad design incorporated a corrugated cardboard background to break through the typical trade advertising clutter.

read between the lines campaign

In addition, full-page ads were created to showcase the brand's personality and heart, featuring cardboard “box people.”

tradeshow booth.


A 20’ x 20’ trade show booth was designed that would showcase the new brand personality and reinforce the advertising messaging. The booth space included a floor decal, a 6’ x 6’ hanging ceiling cube, cardboard furniture complete with brand-colored seat cushions and custom branded pillows. As a final touch, the “box people” from the print ads came to life in 3-D.

booth prototypes.

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