title. casper - live client (asked to make 2nd presentation to the brandcenter executive director)

description. product extension & customer experience

my role. primary research: interviews\ consumer research\ strategy & product development\ presentation design

team. josh perry (cw)


Casper's mission is “to awaken the potential of a well-rested world.” So how might Casper become the world’s first end-to-end sleep company, not just a mattress company, and champions of great sleep.


Envision a product, service, experience, or platform that will differentiate Casper as the world’s most-loved sleep company.


We spend a lot of time talking about how sleep affects your day, but how does your day affect your sleep? People “get ready for bed” — they don’t prepare to sleep. A good night's sleep starts during the day. 


Casper launched in the US four and a half years ago, shaking up the mattress industry and greatly improving the experience of buying a mattress. Casper has since expanded beyond this initial e-commerce-led value proposition (bed-in-a-box, free delivery, at-home trial, high-touch service) by opening 20+ owned retail stores and establishing retail partnerships, as well as introducing a number of additional sleep products.

Casper wants to think bigger than mattresses: new products, services, experiences, and campaigns that elevate sleep as a third pillar of wellness — as critical as food and fitness.



Make your awake hours as comfortable as your sleep hours.



Comfort by Casper

Harness Casper’s mattress technology and packaging ingenuity to build a new product line that brings the comfort of Casper wherever you may be.

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